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Sparkes Hill Reservoir Rehabilitation

As an essential, and one of Brisbane’s largest, potable water assets, the 94ML Sparkes Hill Reservoir in Stafford was in need of significant refurbishment in order for SEQ Water to maintain its high standards of water storage. The aged structure built in 1941, required detailed inspection and repair of all defects.

Rob Carr Pty Ltd was engaged by SEQ Water to initially clean the reservoir, support a detailed inspection of the reservoir structure conducted by SEQ Water representatives and provide details to SEQ Water for a detailed report on the findings. Upon provision of the report, Rob Carr Pty Ltd supplied SEQ Water with detailed designs for repairs of the identified structural damage. The roof of the reservoir in particular, was in dire need of repair due to significant cracks in the roof slab structure and existing expansion joints.

Rob Carr Pty Ltd specifically selected VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane system which provided SEQ Water with a high quality solution at a competitive price. The membrane covered the entire roof slab which comprised of approximately 12,500 m2. Additionally, Rob Carr Pty Ltd designed an in-house system to prevent the ingress of water through these same expansion joints, cracks and saw cuts on the roof, again utilising the VersEseal Liquid Rubber membrane system. Upon completion of all joint and crack repairs totalling 4km, a 2000 micron layer of VersEseal Liquid Rubber Quick Set specification product was applied over the entire roof sealing it 100% from any water ingress to the reservoir.

Key attributes to this project include:

  • Key material and product selection
  • Use of flexible AS4020 Potable Water approved membrane
  • High level planning, coordination and management of the works
  • Confined space working environment
  • Restricted site access and work space
  • Construction in sensitive environments
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